March 2016 Newsletter!
Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Amanda Adams

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  1. John Adams and Jake Jabs perform together at TAPS
    01 Jun, 2016
    John Adams donates time to TAPS
    On Memorial Day, John Adams donated his time to play for the Colorado branch of TAPS, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. This years Memorial Day Concert was held at The Stampede in Aurora, Colorado and was well received by the wonderful supporters and audience decked out in their country casual attire. TAPS is a great organization that provides support for those left behind when their loved ones don't return from serving our country. John Adams was joined by American Furniture Warehouse's
  2. John Adams and Peter Fransen
    01 Apr, 2016
    Sad News for the John Adams Band
    A few days ago, I received the very sad message that my cousin, Peter Fransen, passed away unexpectedly in the wee hours of Wednesday, 30 March, 2016 in Holland. He was the one who introduced me to the guitar in 1969 and it was him who taught me play the guitar. He was the second child of one of my dad's older sisters. Peter is survived by his wife Trees, his daughters Sonja and Sylvia, his sister Hanneke and brother Harry. Peter came to my parents house with his 3 brothers,... who all played
  3. I-25 was a mess, as the picture from CBS news shows.....
    30 Mar, 2016
    Blizzard 2016!
    Well folks, Denver finally got hit with a blizzard!  While many people may think that we get a lot of snow, we actually (usually) are not as bad as other areas of the country. Sure, the mountains get snow but for those of us who live in Denver and the surrounding areas, we often never get more than 3-5 inches at a time. However, this time it was different. Almost all schools were closed and even the airport was closed for several hours on March 24th. Thornton, just a little north of Denver had a